Information to be provided upon notification of contract award

For procurements above the EU threshold, when notifying candidates and tenderers of the award decision, the notification must contain:

  • the award criteria
  • the tenderer’s score
  • the winning tenderer’s score
  • the name of the winning tenderer(s)
  • the reasons for failing to meet the technical specification (if applicable)
  • the ‘characteristics and relative advantages’ of the winning tender(s)
  • a precise statement of either:
    • when the standstill period is expected to end and, if relevant, how the timing of its ending might be affected by any and, if so what contingencies, or
    • the date before which the contracting authority will not enter into the contract.


When notifying candidates at the selection stage the notice to them should include the reasons why they were unsuccessful and the information above (excluding the ‘relative advantages of the successful tender).

OGC published 3 guidance documents in December 2009 that provide more detail on the information to be provided to candidates and tenderers in the award notificiation.

: An Introduction; Standstill Period; New Remedies

This guidance has been further supplemented by the Cabinet Office Guidance on the Standstill Period which includes a FAQ section with advice on how best to comply with the obligation to reveal the ‘characteristics and relative advantages of the successful tenderer’