Contract Award Report

For procurements that commenced after 26 February 2015, contracting authorities are required to produce a report after awarding any contract above the relevant EU threshold, including any above EU threshold contracts awarded by mini competition under a framework agreement.

This report must be documented and the documentation kept for 3 years and made available to the EU Commission and/or the Cabinet Office should it request it.

The report shall include at least the following:

  1. the name and address of the contracting authority, the subject matter and value of the contract;
  2. where applicable, the results of the qualitative selection and reduction of numbers invited to tender, namely: -
    • the names of the selected candidates or tenderers and the reasons for their selection;
    • the names of the rejected candidates or tenderers and the reasons for their rejection
  3. the reasons for the rejection of tenders found to be abnormally low;
  4. the name of the successful tender and the reasons why its tender was selected and, where known:
    • the share (if any) of the contract which the successful tenderer intends to subcontract to third parties, and
    • the names of the main contractor’s subcontractors (if any);
  5. for competitive procedures with negotiation, negotiated procedure without prior publication and competitive dialogues, the circumstances which justify the use of those procedures;
  6. where applicable, the reasons why the contracting authority has decided not to award a contract.
  7. Where applicable, the reasons why means of communication other than electronic means have been used for the submission of tenders;
  8. Where applicable, conflicts of interests detected and subsequent measures taken.


Where the information above is content in the OJEU contract award notice, then the report can refer to that notice.