Content of OJEU award notice

Information to be included in a contract award notice published on OJEU

  1. Name, identification number (where provided for in national legislation), address including NUTS code, telephone, fax number, email and internet address of the contracting authority and, where different, of the service from which additional information may be obtained.
  2. Type of contracting authority and main activity exercised.
  3. Where appropriate, indication whether the contracting authority is a central purchasing body or that any other form of joint procurement is involved.
  4. CPV codes.
  5. NUTS code for the main location of works in case of works contracts or NUTS code for the main place of delivery or performance in supply and service contracts.
  6. Description of the procurement: nature and extent of works, nature and quantity or value of supplies, nature and extent of services. Where the contract is divided into lots, this information shall be provided for each lot. Where appropriate, description of any options.
  7. Type of award procedure; in the case of negotiated procedure without prior publication, justification.
  8. Where appropriate, indication whether:
    1. a framework agreement was involved,
    2. a dynamic purchasing system was involved.
  9. Criteria referred to in Article 67 which were used for award of the contract or contracts. Where appropriate, indication whether the holding of an electronic auction was involved (in the event of open or restricted procedures or competitive procedures with negotiation).
  10. Date of the conclusion of the contract(s) or of the framework agreement(s) following the decision to award or conclude it/them.
  11. Number of tenders received with respect of each award, including:
    1. number of tenders received from economic operators which are small and medium enterprises,
    2. number of tenders received from another Member State or from a third country,
    3. number of tenders received electronically.
  12. For each award, name, address including NUTS code, telephone, fax number, email address and internet address of the successful tenderer(s) including
    1. information whether the successful tenderer is small and medium enterprise,
    2. information whether the contract was awarded to a group of economic operators (joint venture, consortium or other).
  13. Value of the successful tender (tenders) or the highest tender and lowest tender taken into consideration for the contract award or awards.
  14. Where appropriate, for each award, value and proportion of contract likely to be subcontracted to third parties.
  15. Information whether the contract is related to a project and /or programme financed by Union funds.
  16. Name and address of the body responsible for review and, where appropriate, mediation procedures. Precise information concerning the deadline for review procedures, or if need be, the name, address, telephone number, fax number and email address of the service from which this information may be obtained.
  17. Date(s) and reference(s) of previous publications in the Official Journal of the European Union relevant to the contract(s) advertised in this notice.
  18. Date of dispatch of the notice.
  19. Any other relevant information.